Azealia Vs. Azalea: Azealia Banks Starts Feud With Iggy
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    Despite the long awaited release of her debut album, Broke With Expensive Tastet, Azealia Banks is still probably best known for her twitter feuds, and YUNG RAPUNXEL is at it again throwing shade on one her many nemeses, Iggy Azalea.

    Just to provide some context, the overly outspoken rapper is not new to social media throw downs and a short list of some of her opponents from the last 2 years include the likes of:

    2.Iggy Azalea
    4.Dominique Young Unique
    5.Lil' Kim
    6.Her own management
    6.Nicki Minaj
    7.Jim Jones
    8. Angel Haze
    11.Rita Ora
    12.A$AP Rocky
    13.Lily Allen
    14.Lady Gaga
    15. Pharrell

    In lieu of recent events and the questionable results of both the Eric Garnier and Michael Brown Grand Jury Hearings Banks channels her rage for social injustice into rage against Iggy. Banks tweeted: "its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen. Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren't huh?" and "If you're down to ride with us b***h you gotta RIDE ALL THE WAY" "Don't just be down to ride Black D**k..... If you with us you WITH US!!!!"

    But this isn't Iggy's first rodeo. Having her own recent spats with Eminem and Snoop Dog she quickly responded with: "'Theres more to sparking a change than trolling on social media. World issues shouldnt be used as a poor excuse to promote fan battles," and "Make sure you do something to let YOUR government know how you feel when something is unjust., not JUST your followers on twitter...","Also try not to judge anothers support or 'lack there of' solely on if they have ranted on twitter about it, thats not right or helpful,".

    Gotta give this round to Iggy, but Banks still holds the heavy weight belt for twitter feuds. Only time will tell who'll get the last cyber punch in before the bell.

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