Beach Fossils Announce New Album with 'Careless'
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2012

    • Posted by: Diego Clare

    In gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Clash the Truth, Beach Fossils have unveiled the 4th track, "Careless." The Brooklyn trio's latest opens up with shimmery guitars swimming in flange and twang, an up-tempo kick and snare, distant vocals, and a thumping bass - a sound altogether reminiscent of The Smiths, Broken Social Scene, etc. The band certainly seems to have matured a bit aurally, but remained quintessentially the same since their self-titled debut in 2010 and their 2011 EP What A Pleasure. Clash the Truth is due to be released February 19th on Captured Tracks. View the track listing below. Notice the track "In Vertigo" features Blonde Redhead's very own Kazu Makino.

    1. Clash the Truth
    2. Generational Synthetic
    3. Sleep Apnea
    4. Careless
    5. Modern Holiday
    6. Taking Off
    7. Shallow
    8. Burn You Down
    9. Birthday
    10. In Vertigo [ft. Kazu Makino]
    11. Brighter
    12. Caustic Cross
    13. Ascension
    14. Crashed Out

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