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    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2009

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    This week reminds me of a story. The other day my friend, who is in no way secretly my girlfriend (I know people say that when they write because want to be secretive... I do not have one of those girlfriend things, in secret) tried to tell me I don't understand what "deconstructed" means. Really? Who cares! All this quibbling over a plate of food! Personally, I don't WANT my taco deconstructed. I want to eat meat and cheese and bread AT THE SAME TIME. But enough about me! Who cares! This isn't T.M.I. Mixtape! Lets listen to some fantastic Friday audibles instead.

    So here is the mixtape, and it is all in one giant helping (despite the picture), just how Joe you like it. You can have your cake, AND pizza, AND eat it, AND listen to the Mixtape. AND you can come hang out with me!* I have cable!

    ... see you next week. -joe puglisi

    *You probably can't come hang out with me, legally, or something.

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    1. "I Say Fever" - Ramona Falls - Intuit
    This grim-jam (patent pending terminology) is catchy in a way that creeps up on you with bird heads and rifles. I'm of course referencing the amazing video that goes with this song, which has some sort of Fantastic Mr. Fox meets There Will Be Blood thing going on. Seriously though, this song makes you nervous. In a "wow those drums" kind of way. I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE RAMONA FALLS.

    2. "Ghost Clock" - Lymbyc System - Shutter Release
    The comparison to Explosions In The Sky is obvious, but also fans of Los Campesinos and/or bands like them can really enjoy the lyric-less tripped out distort-a-jams produced by these guys. Many of the tracks on Shutter Release (their latest record) are slowed down and pretty, but occasionally they trip hard and make something akin to indie-rock/techno fusion. Dirty Projectiestos? You decide. Being from Arizona, I wonder if they spent a prolonged amount of time in the desert, looking at faceless horsemen and naked people. Oh, wait, I'm thinking of Brooklyn..

    3. "Norway" - Beach House - Teen Dream
    Sorry, allow me to turn down the mixtape-tensity for a second and mellow out. Beach House has been all over the airwaves lately with the anticipation for Teen Dream reaching critical blog-mass. Everyone heard another song "Silver Soul" earlier in the week on comedian Aziz Ansari's blog, which is a weird place to break a song, but whatever! I used to think they were really boring! But I realize they probably needed more time in the studio with 1,000s of possible sounds to be... well they still might be kind of boring. But I like this song!

    4. "Cudder Is Back" - Kid Cudi - Unreleased
    This is the best possible way to end my (Joe's) contribution of nervous and mellowed tunes this week: with a rap song! It is a reminder that Kid Cudi still exists; a nice, short and sweet track he released at some point this week to much dissemination. Um, also, according to the song, he would like you to suck his balls as he raps over Vampire Weekend's "Ottoman," and wonders what nationality Amanda Bynes is supposed to be. See? Not all rap is bad! Actually, the only reason I included this is because of the description: "Brand new track from Kid Cudi which is a freestyle on some track I never heard before."

    5. "Rough Housing" - Bonus Eventus - Caaceros!?The world will never have enough songs about drinking too much and having a lot of fun, and "Rough Housing" is our newest edition. This track sounds like a drunken sing a long with your best buds at a really fun house party, out of tune harmonies and all (its already become a classic in my apt). These guys just dropped their debut album this past November and have personally dubbed their music "party rock" if that gives you any idea where they're coming from.

    6. "oOOOoOOOo" - Oberhofer - Demos
    First of all if you're going to name a song with simply nine "o's" you better have a good reason, or you have to be cool enough to pull it off. This one man band delivers both with his joyous "ohhhh" chorus and blending of classic indie sound with freak folk touches. Its got that surprising experimental pop jangle to it, fresh and still really weird, like The Unicorns. By the way, he's unsigned, under twenty, and annoyingly talented.

    7. "WInter Wonder" - Jeremy Jay - Slow Dance
    Even though its been unseasonably warm in New York, this tune by singer/songwriter/storyteller Jeremy Jay is a mellow little jam that makes winter sound really fun, and kind of makes me wish it would snow already (ok not really). In his best new wave deadpan delivery, he sings "by the fireplace, blankets, hot chocolate, love, ice skating". Sounds nice and cozy doesn't it?

    8. "Neon Blue" - Still Life Still - Girls Come Too
    Even when they're not suggesting it, I can't help thinking they are. That's just what Still Life Still's album Girls Come Too has trained me to do. Sex. Hot, young, and horny sex. The kind that's uncomplicated, easy, and hell...maybe even a little bit sloppy. It's sort of a central theme in the young Canadian outfit's debut record. So yes, even when a line such as "I'd like to welcome you to the plastic place/Come right in melt and you'll have a seat" isn't necessarily about romping the bedroom (or the park, or the parking lot), well damn...it's all I hear.

    9. "Psalms 40:2" - The Mountain Goats - The Life Of The World To Come
    I'm not a Mountain Goats guy. Never have been, and I'd frankly find myself awfully stunned if I ever did become one. You know what I'm talking about...and if you don't, check out THIS STORY that ran last Spring in New York Magazine. But, for one song...one snarling, nasty, gnashing bit of passion from their recently released album The Life of the World to Come, I'm converted. "Psalms 40:2" should end any debate concerning whether John Darnielle has got some fiery, old-time religion boiling in his blood. It's there. It's f*cking there. And the drums...my god the drums!

    10. "Willow Tree" - Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane
    "When I'm dead is when I'll be free". Not the newest of musical sentiment, but this psychedelic banjo picker is a real beauty. It's also a few years old...though it's been a part of my life the last few weeks. My favorite bit is Vangaalen's warbling, nervous vocals. One can hear the tension, the melancholy, the desire to be free. In the end, it's a Viking funeral that's the ultimate peace. For you, dear listener, suggest this tune suffice instead.

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