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    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2009

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    James Higgins III aka James Husband has a pretty sweet life as far as musicians go. Being a member of a band like Of Montreal and a big player in the Elephant 6 crew is the equivalent to having absolute indie music tenure. That kind of job security could drive a guy into seclusion on his days off, plant a garden, or take a nap. But Mr. Higgins has decided to over achieve. Not only has this multi-instrumentalist released a number of albums, LPs, and singles with his other band Great Lakes back in the earlier 2000's, but now he's got his very own solo full length A Parallax I.

    Recorded in Athens, GA and Stockholm between 2003 and 2008, A Parallax I is a collection of songs that span nearly a decade, a scrapbook of sorts, that feels more like an epic debut project rather than simply an album. Higgins' bandmate Dottie Alexander contributed to the record, along with Swedish pop singer Jenny Wilson, and Andy LeMaster of the Athens based band Now It's Overheard. Drawing from influences of 60's and 70's rock, psychedelia, experimental pop, and yes echoes here and there of that classic Of Montreal sound (come on, he's more than just their drummer), A Parallax I is driven by plenty of creative little touches. Tracks like "Waiting on Rayne" sounds like something off Love's Forever Changes, dreamy and lucidly eerie. While songs like "Grave in the Gravel" (about a weird date in a graveyard) and "Window" are more pop rock oriented with experimental touches. Another highlight, "Grayscale" sounds like pure electro-baroque loveliness. Even though its influences are very clear and familiar, the personal attention to detail adds another shining coat to the album. It's obvious this collection of songs has been swishing around for ten years; each track is tight, mutli-layered, and produced with care.

    The album dropped this past October on Polyvinyl (which just reissued a number of Of Montreal records as well). Let's just put it this way, I hope it doesn't take another decade for Higgins to shake free from the Kevin Barnes glitter experience and share another collection of his buoyantly humble sound. - Amelia Trask

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    MP3: James Husband - "Grave In The Gravel" (A Parallax I)
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