The Post Weekend II
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2006

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    Dinosaur Jr. was in New York this past weekend, playing two intimate shows to packed crowds at Rebel. The Midtown club can hold 800 people if you combine all the rooms together, but Dinosaur Jr chose to play in Rebel's show room - a skinny concert hall that holds little more than 300 people. Needless to say, the show was awesomely loud, the perfect antidote to a rainy Friday afternoon spent inside an office.

    Meneguar. Credit: J Mascis' guitar solos made us forget about the subpar weather, but they didn't erase the memory of seeing Meneguar at the Bowery Ballroom earlier in the week. As the Baeble crew set up cameras to shoot the next band (Snowden), the locals in Meneguar serenaded the crowd with yelping indie-rock. The lead guitarist broke a string toward the beginning of the set, and it took a few minutes to find a replacement guitar. Still, the group sounded tight, especially on the power-pop harmonies in "1,000 Actors."

    Snowden was pretty great, too. See for yourself.

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