The Most Underappreciated Songs Of 2014
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2014

    • Posted by: Rebecca Chodorkoff

    There was a lot of music we simply couldn't escape this year: songs that flooded the airwaves no matter where we turned. However, some songs slipped through the cracks, didn't get as much attention as they deserved, and were hung out to dry! Here are some tracks from this year that deserve just a lil' more attention

    1. Blood Orange"You're Not Good Enough":Dev Hynes is a genius musical mastermind god who also seems extremely chill and kind. (Plus he's got some killer dance moves.)

    2.Mike WiLL Made-It ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J "23": Half kidding, half serious. Yes, it's ridiculous and weird in so many ways, but like DAMN it's a good song! Also I turned 23 in 2014 so this song held a weird significance and was played on repeat at my birthday party.

    3. Mine Ft. Drake It's tough to say that any of Beyoncé's music is "underappreciated" because her hold on the entire world and her ability to make the entire world care deeply about everything she does is unmatched. That being said, this track definitely didn't receive nearly as much attention as some of the others she released this year T(For perspective: "Mine" only has about 1,350,000 YouTube views, which, yes, is still an absurdly high number, but is nothing compared to "Drunk In Love", Beyoncé's inescapable hit from this year, which has garnered about 235,000,000 views) "Mine"'s laid back beat, catchy hook, and compelling music video are worth your views people! Also Drake it on it!

    4.Cashmere Cat "Wedding Bells": Have you ever heard of Cashmere Cat? No?! Well that sucks, because he's dope!

    5.Haim ft A$AP Ferg "My Song 5": Try to ignore the weird, star-studded video (with appearances by Grimes, Kesha, and SNL cast-members Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant.) Although the combination of Haim and A$AP Ferg seems a bit strange and unexpected, it actually works really well, resulting in a dark, twisty, and pretty cool song that didn't get much attention this year.

    6.Sage The Gemini ft. Iam Su "Gas Pedal": This. Song. Is. Perfect.

    7.Jungle "The Heat": An incredible video as well.

    8. Future "Good Morning": There is a lot of speculation surrounding this track&8212; some say that Future sampled Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love", while others argue that the hook was originally Future's (the tracks are absolutely related, as both were produced around the same time by Noel "Details" Fisher.) Either way it's kind of "Drunk In Love"'s hot, evil twin...

    9.Mac DeMarco "Chamber Of Reflection": Mac DeMarco released his album "Salad Days" this past year, and let's just say it was no "1989" by Taylor Swift in terms of radio play and album sales, but it's a pretty killer, low-key, album. This track has more of a chill-wave vibe than the rest of the songs on the record, and is a bit of a departure from Mac's usually guitar riff focused diddies. (And while you're checking this out, take a second to listen to Wiz Khalifa rapping over the track here

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