Music Girls And Their Blinged Out Grillz
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    I love grills. They're hilariously ugly and I don't understand why anyone would want to cover their teeth with metal that, IMHO, looks kinda cheap.

    However, when these A-list female artists flashed a mouth full of glitter and gold, it caused a turn and stare situation. Check out the list below.

    It's Beyonce's world and we just live in it. She rocked this tasteful grill on her bottom row and (no surprise) looked gorgeous as ever.

    Little Debbie
    I don't know why, but I love Little Debbie. She is a hybrid of Iggy Azalea and Kreayshawn and loves looking greasy all the time. Her grill is nothing short of endearing and makes me want to champion for at least 15 minutes of fame for her.

    Miley Cyrus
    Before she was a dirty hippie, Miley was rolling with an urban edge style that murdered her hannah Mintana image and gave her actual credibility in the music industry. Why wouldn't she throw some gold in her mouth?

    Jessica Simpson

    Britney Spears
    Ok...clearly this was a photoshop job, but Brit Brit looks good with her mouth all blinged out. No?

    Lana Del Rey
    Ok so maybe her gold capped tooth is a little subtle to be called a grill, however, when compared to her music and kitty loving ways, Lana is livin' on the edge.

    Madonna has been around so long, it'd be a surprise if there wasn't a picture of her grilled out like a Burger King patty.

    Rita Ora
    Rita Ora is the epitome of cute and cool, which makes her bottom row of metal teeth adorably awesome.

    Brooke Hogan
    Hulk Hogan's daughter had her toe in the music pool for about 2 seconds, but she still counts. Maybe her go at rocking a grill was an attempt to show she has what it takes to get in the game? Ummm...

    Rihanna is crazy, cool, and certainly wasn't shy to give her Navy an up-close online pic of her gold covered chompers.

    Lady Gaga
    Now that's just creepy.

    Dear Kelis, this doesn't look good. Sincerely, Me.

    Katy Pery
    The girl that can essentially pull anything off and does just that with a grill.

    If I met Kesha in a dark alley and she looked like this, I would assume she was a pimp. Dat grill with the hair and that expression is just a little too much.

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