Resurrect Your Home Movies with Hip-Hop
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Unlike more recent generations, early millennials will always remember that one drawer in the den filled with an array VHS home videos. Growing up, dads followed our every move with over-sized recorders painfully hefted atop their shoulders attentively waiting for moments of adorable magic. This cheesy paternal art form has fallen by the wayside as everyone's pocket is readily equipped with a high-tech cam, and everything is shared instantly, giving no time for nostalgic maturation.

    Lo and behold, we may have found a solution that could help revive this dying tradition. A crafty videographer named Robby Barnett recently shared his family's vacation to Isla Mujeres, Mexico on Vimeo, and made it appealing to any common viewer with music video style editing and some suave hip-hop. The song used to guide us through his family's holiday is King Louie's "Living Life". Watch it below.

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