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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2007

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    From its’ first moment of impact, the clash of decades duking it out with the confines of Neimo’s latest EP is obvious. With pulsating synths, dance floor drum beats, flashy guitar showmanship, and Bruno Joe Dallersandro’s rebel rousing vocals all exploding at once, the band coat an affinity for early 00’s nitty, gritty guitar rock with a sleek 80’s/90’s disco glam not entirely surprising to hear from four fashionable Frenchmen. While Neimo released From Scratch to critical acclaim in their home country all the way back in early 2005, the band’s latest five song collection serves as a sneak peak of what most Americans have probably been missing out on these last few years: Mainly, bouts of bodacious rock lead by a front man not entirely afraid of sounding semi-arrogant at times. Whether panting for his very own “Hot Girl” or tempting time with an ever-confident sense of invincibility (“The Hourglass”), Bruno’s got bravado.

    Look for Neimo's follow-up to From Scratch sometime in '08. In the meantime, be sure to check out exclusive footage we shot of the band at Galapagos back in April.

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    VIDEO: Neimo:: “Live at the Galapagos” – Brooklyn, NY
    Neimo on MySpace

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