IN OUR EARS: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff


    David Bowie - "Let's Dance"

    I don't know about you, but this song - along with Prince's "1999" - are my New Year's Eve anthems every year. This song takes over my whole body and brings out the weirdest dance moves. Plus, it's ridiculously fun to sing along to. After adding this to Baeble's New Year's Eve 2017 Playlist, it immediately put my in the mood for this weekend's festivities.

    Whethan - "Can't Hide (featuring Ashe)"

    I recently discovered this song and I can't get enough of it. The whistling introduction puts you in the happiest mood right off the bat. Ashe's vocals are soothing and sultry and when the chorus comes in and makes you want to shake around. I'm in party mode since it's New Year's weekend.

    Geographer - "This Is How We Walk On The Moon"

    This is one of my favorite Geographer songs because it has everything that Geographer is about - strings, bass, horns, a triumphant production and Mike Deni's pleading voice. There's nothing I don't like about this track.

    Alicia Keys - "Falling"

    Let's throw it back a little because I was sitting in a cafe at the beginning of the week and this song came on and nostalgia hit me hard. There's so many memories with this song - high school dances, embarrassing sleepovers where we'd perform as if we were Alicia Keys, driving around San Francisco singing this song as loud as I could - it never gets old.

    Dirty Projectors - "About To Die"

    This song is so incredibly rad and such a standout track for Dirty Projectors. There's a crispy, rattling rhythm and Dave Longsthreth's are strange in such an amazing way. "Look there the goblins dressed up like a wound" and "Mutants are vagrant and hateful." I love this song so much.


    Rihanna - "Needed Me"

    I mess with Rihanna. She is one bad ass chick and whenever I just want to chill out, this is my go to song. The sparse instrumentation, RiRi's slurred lines - it's a killer tune to space out to.

    Twin Peaks - "Disappear"

    The Chicago rockers just released this single along with another, "I Don't Wanna Miss You" and I can't stop listening. Lo-fi production and high energy performance - a perfect combo that they continue to master.

    BORNS - "American Money"

    Lush production, romantic lyrics, and a fantastical chorus so powerful, you'll be singing it for weeks.

    Solange - "Where Do We Go"

    Nothing gets me more excited than a "Bennie and the Jets"-esque beat and Solange's smooth and sassy croon.

    Catfish and the Bottlemen - "Anything"

    Catfish's sophomore LP The Ride came out this year and it got me just as pumped as their debut. "Anything" is one of the more intense and emotional cuts.

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