goodbyes: a parting gift (video)
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 30, 2010

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    So, the end of the semester compels me to leave my post as an intern at Baeble... I'm not great with mushy goodbyes... so instead, I figured I'd end my time here with a last post about something TOTALLY EPIC (and before you stop reading, its NOT about Kanye's Runaway).

    What could possibly be more epic than Runaway, you ask? How about a giant alien robot destroying a city? Or, how about a music video of a giant alien robot destroying a city? You guessed it: that is exactly what I have for you as a parting gift.

    The tune, "Exodus," by DnB producers Noisia and Mayhem in collaboration with rapper KRS-One (another one of many reasons this is awesome), is an older one, released in 2007, and it sounds like, well, a robot destroying a city. The video, which is so meticulously synced with the track it's hard to believe the music came first, was three years in the making by animator and Noisia fan Alexander Lehmann, whose past projects include the 2009 blockbuster District 9. So forget the low-budget cheese that is usually associated with sci-fi themed music videos, and check this out:

    Not exactly your standard Baeble fare, I know, but this one's definitely on my shortlist for 2010's best video. If you like the tune, Noisia's first full-length artist album, Split the Atom, dropped earlier this year on their own Vision label, and it just so happens to be (if I might put in a last-minute plug) another one of my favorite things from 2010. -peter menniti

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