Mumford and National Geographic go small with Delta
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2018

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    We love a good marketing gimmick and the release of Mumford & Sons latest album "Delta" today paired with National Geographic's amazing cinematography is a welcome bit of visual serenity.

    But – will someone please send around a memo around to music video producers and editors. The constant retro 4:3 aspect ratio / low res nostalgia thing is more than annoying. We all have high res screens that we spent big money for in our pants pockets, stop trying to transport us back to an era of shitty video in an attempt to be atmospheric. Oh, and retire the space suit metaphor, find a different way to express emotional disconnect and / or exploration.

    Mumford's editors fall into the same trap here, they take the best wildlife / nature footage available and use a cut down 16:9 format not filling the whole screen (on a big monitor) with the amazing resource that they have been given access to. The net effect feels constrained and diminished. This gets better if you Chromecast it to your bigger screen, but not everyone has that option. We do get it - this is about the small screen, The snippets of video on Instagram and Facebook look super cool but the engagement is going to be on YouTube and the format falls flat.

    So – Go Big – Go Bold.

    Enjoy this series of lyric videos – Anyway - looks good small.

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