Speedy Ortiz Pays Homage To David Lynch In New Video
    • THURSDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2015

    • Posted by: Nellie Raf

    Speedy Ortiz debuted brand new visuals today for the beautifully doomful song "My Dead Girl." While this song may appear dark and cynical to the audience (because it is) there is a deeper synonym to the melody and the scolding lyrics that might just bring in a surplus of conflicting ideas to the table.

    Speedy Ortiz has a variety of grim songs on her recently released album, Foil Deer, and she has a bucket full of experiences as to why she sculpted the songs into what they are today.

    Sadie Dupuis stated that she wrote the song when she felt physically threatened by a few guys who started knocking on her car window as she sat alone on an empty road on the Fourth Of July.

    From the eerie melody all the way to the David Lynch-inspired visuals, its a song that will leave you questioning the metaphors of the story within.

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