new music video: kesha
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2010

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    Whoa, I think Christmas came early and I've been a terrible boy, because Department Of Sanitation pin-up girl Ke$ha has a new video! And if barf was a corporation this video would be the CEO! Head of the board! Business is booming! The company has acquired GRAMMY NOMINATED PRODUCTION (Dr. Luke - not a real doctor). If there is a God he has the sickest sense of humor I've ever seen somewhat successfully sing about hitting on boys "hard" while executing a boob grab. I'm sorry Santa. Send it back.

    "We R Who We R":

    Man I got really excited when she jumped off that building like in all my cartoons, but then she went and fell into MORE PARTYING. Tell the troops to retreat. We lost this one. -joe puglisi

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