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    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2010

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    As we creep towards 2011, the lists are pouring in from all angles. You guys already know some of our picks, and they are still up for debate. But it's always a pleasure to see our tastes aligned with our colleagues, and every now and then we'd like to share those similarities with you. Our friend Cliff Chenfeld, an executive in the Music Industry, wrote out a list of his picks for 2010 and we think they are spot on.

    From Cliff:

    Just in time for the holidays, here is the 8th annual list of music that you may have missed and might like. For me, 2010 was a good year for music, better than 2009, with plenty of quality releases. As in previous years, this list is meant for those who want to hear new music but don't get a chance to discover as much as they'd like. Yes, there are a few albums here from late 2009 that I missed last year, my apologies to the purists. I generally don't include artists who have received a good deal of attention or music that might be too inaccessible for those with limited time....Safe and happy holidays to we go...

    Cliff mentions several of our favorites from the past year, including Arcade Fire and Broken Bells, but we like to highlight a few artists we've chosen to work with who make an appearance:

    Mumford and Sons -- Sigh No More This British import of new, almost anthemic songs filled with banjos, mandolins, horns and rich harmonies
    that sound ageless and fearless. Sort of sounds like the movie "There Will Be Blood" looks....
    [Check out their full concert performance]

    Cory Chisel Death Won't Send A Letter -- The lead track "Born Again" is one of my favorite songs, an organ-driven folk-rock about faith (I think), among other things. The rest is very good, drawing from John Prine, Peter Himmelman, Cat Stevens and Steve Forbert, among others. [Catch Corey busking in Washington Square Park in a GA segment.]

    ... songs that I love

    Wild Light ---California On My Mind
    [We caught Wild Light several years ago during their rise at CMJ 2007, where you can see an early performance of this song.]

    More ---

    Minus The Bear catchy, synthy songs
    [MTB had us film their record release party at The Bowery Electric.]

    Thanks to Cliff for his thoughts and to all the artists we've had the privilege of working with. You guys make Baeble possible! -joe puglisi

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