7 Catchiest Catch Phrases To Come From Songs
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2014

    • Posted by: Leanne Heidenberg

    Since there have been words in music people have been quoting song lyrics, but sometimes a combination of a few short words come together to create a cultural phenomenon. Here are the 7 catchiest catch phrases to come from songs:

    1. "I woke up like this" -Flawless, Beyonce
    Coming from you, Beyonce, I believe it.

    2. "Music is my drug"- Music Is My Hot Hot Sex, Cansei de Ser Sexy (A.K.A. CSS)
    A declaration pasted on neon tanks and fanny packs then sprinkled throughout arena raves all over the country. The number of free spirits has increased exponentially since this catch phrase, and I'm going to give credit to Brazilian band, Cansei de Ser Sexy, and their song "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex" for their eclectic "Music is my___" list. Fun fact: This song was also used in the original iTouch commercial (you might need that for Jeopardy one day).

    3."Voulez vous coucher avec moi" -Lady Marmalade, Christina Aguilera,Lil' Kim, Mya, P!nk
    It's been 13 years since this version of the Patti L'Belle classic took the world by storm. If you are still using this phrase I hope you are doing so ironically, but despite it's not so subtle implications, I can't help be warmed by the nostalgia.

    4. "I'm bringing sexy back"-Justin Timberlake
    I'm still not sure where sexy went, but we will all be forever grateful to JT for returning it.

    5."I'm sexy and I know it"- Sexy and I Know It, LMFAO
    At it's core, this song is about modesty … LMFAO JK! They just made it okay to say what you were already thinking.

    6."Living with my bitches #live"-#Selfie,Chainsmokers
    Thank you Chainsmokers for outlining everything wrong in the world. If you have instagram and a radio then you understand …

    7."YOLO"-The Motto ft. LIL WAYNE and Tyga, Drake
    The Carpe Diem of the 21st century! Live life to the fullest! The world was once lacking a four letter acronym as versatile as a swear word, but 'tis no longer. Typically uttered right before an incredibly irresponsible act is performed, YOLO has transformed from a "motto" to a lifestyle. Thanks, Drake, for this cultural gem that will probably follow me to a grave with "#YOLO" carved on it.

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