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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2009

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    Although we're choking on the excess of lists floating around in the sea of cultural insistence, these Vimeo vids are really cool (read: subjective opinion). Here is some visual stimulation for your drunken egg-nog stupor as you plow through your liquor cabinet this week while wearing your underwear because Santa gave you six days off.

    The site is based on user content, much like Youtube, but with a bit of a slicker interface. It seems like it has a significantly smaller base of users, but the videos that made the top list are pretty quality nonetheless. We noticed Passion Pit's "The Reeling" made it on there (we called it, kind of), but check out some of the other picks.

    For fans of first person story-telling:

    Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe (Music Video) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

    For the fan of Tarantino films (headphones up, obviously):

    The Tarantino Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

    For fans of rap, and genius NYU students playing with the music toys in their departments in awesome ways:

    Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

    And my personal favorite: for the fans of the history of auto-tune and Weird Al (apologies in advance for the now terribly overplayed Kanye West VMAs reference):

    Know Your Meme: Auto Tune (featuring "Weird Al" Yankovic) from Rocketboom on Vimeo.

    Check out the full list for more. -joe puglisi

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