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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2008

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    While the Bay Area's been a'buzz for the dramatic, guitar slinging ways of local band Audrye Sessions for quite some time, we're playing soothsayer here and predicting '09 will be a very noteworthy year indeed for the band on a national level. Yes, they've been scrapping their way through the country for the last year and half on tour. But it'll be the band's February debut on Black Seal Records that ought to be the most telling sign of the good times sure to come their way. Singer/guitarist Ryan Karazija leads his young, up and coming outfit through a pleasantly polar collection of tunes that bends and bows through a variety of crests and troughs as they cycle through. It's an album that suggests Audrye Sessions are plenty in debt to their British inspirations; think Coldplay, Muse, and the like. And the record offers plenty of sentiment for the taking. Karazija has obviously been roughed up in the arena of romantic relationships. And well...that is just the sort of thing that's bound to win over plenty of new fans.

    Audrye Sessions debut album hits stores on February 17th. Look for an intimate, acoustic performance from Electric Lady Studios on Baeble the week of January 20th. We've got a preview playing HERE. - David Pitz

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