2007 and Beyond!
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2006

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    Alright, enough of all this 2006 nostalgia. We’re looking forward to the weekend – and, with it, the arrival of 2007. Maybe this will be the year that Axl Rose finally decides to release Chinese Democracy. Maybe Ryan Adams will hold himself back and only release, say, two albums. Maybe Courtney Love’s How Dirty Girls Come Clean will be so good that we’ll forget all the trouble she caused with those posthumous Nirvana albums. Or maybe not.

    Credit: www.rollingstone.com

    Baeble Music’s predictions for 2007:

    - Scarlett Johansson’s Scarlett Sings Tom Waits will be surprisingly good, given the strength of her smoky singing voice (seriously – get your hands on Johansson’s cover of “Summertime”) and her complete contrast to other singing starlets like Lindsay Lohan.

    - Air’s Pocket Symphony will be awesome. Simply awesome.

    - Wincing the Night Away will be the slickest Shins album to date. It’ll also be extremely good. Finally, it’ll surely piss off all the longtime fans who were angered by the band’s presence on the Garden State soundtrack. But those fans are dumb, anyway.

    - Bloc Party’s A Weekend in the City will do its best to make us forget about that silly remix album.

    - Neon Bible will really put Arcade Fire on the musical map (as if they haven’t been there since 2004’s Funeral).

    We’ll leave you with another prediction from Rolling Stone’s clever art department, which came up with a series of fictional covers for the magazine. The other covers featured My Chemical Romance, Weird Al, and a lude Santa Claus - but we think the Axl cover is the best. Perhaps this is what Axl meant when he sang about patience on Guns 'n' Roses' GN'R Lies LP.

    Have a good weekend, and we’ll see you next year.

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