BEST NEW ARTIST 2018: King Princess
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2018

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    "Pussy Is God" - We agree

    Now we must admit a little bias, she is a native Brooklynite like us, so she got the small edge, but King Princess (Mikaela Straus) burst into our ears and lives this spring and we haven't stopped listening to / watching and talking about her since. She has racked up several hundred million Spotify spins and nearly 15 million video views on YouTube. All of this from a standing start this year.

    Along the way she signed with Mark Ronson's Zelig Records which is a Sony Records imprint. Sony's muscle has allowed King Princess to pour money into great music videos to support her songs and embark on her first headlining tour which is already largely sold out through May 2019.

    All the forces and planets seem to have aligned for her this year. Her gender politics are pitch perfect for our time and have along with her music have earned her endless fawning editorial coverage from mainstream and niche publications. Vice's fashion-y web brand i-D was an early fan and their piece from April of this year introduced us to her and also invested in beautiful photos by Michael Bailey Gates illustrated the potential of her as a player in fashion and spurred subsequent coverage from the like of Vogue. Mainstream music publications piled on with features in Rolling Stone and Billboard introduced us to her with a "14 Things" video.

    Musically she is an heir to Lorde's phrasings and spare beats. Though she is only 2 years younger her music feels fresher and authentic while being simultaneously highly polished.

    At 20 she is a self professed music studio rat in her father's recording studio based in Williamsburg. Her father's Mission Sound production credits include engineering albums for Okkervil River, Matt & Kim, Melissa Etheridge and Pink to name a few.

    So finally - we ran into King Princess's first grade teacher (Brooklyn is after all still a small town) and when told that her former first grade pupil was ripping it up as King Princess, she said "I always knew that girl had something to say."

    And now some of her videos:

    King Princess - Pussy Is God

    King Princess - Upper West Side

    King Princess - Holy

    King Princess - Make My Bed

    King Princess - Talia

    King Princess - 1950

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