the week in editorial
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2009

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    Hello out there! As you probably already know, there is no news during the mysterious void of cultural stasis known as "the last week of the year." The mall is shut down, Olive Garden runs out of salad and breadsticks, and you watch Back To The Future six or seven times because hey, its on! So we're not getting any press releases.

    While we're still creeping in the back corners of your computer, waiting for you to return to work in a week or so (weird), we're spending the week delivering funny things to those who are still paying attention. So for all six of you out there, stay tuned for some quality giggles. Only the finest product for our customers (because drug dealer ethics). Huh?

    Album reviews, as well as our regularly scheduled programming, will return next year (in about seven days). Stay classy, internet.

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