Why Drake's Reign May Come to an End Sooner Than You Think
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Alexander Spruch

    Drake has been killing it since he dropped Take Care in late 2011. However, it was with the last two years he elevated himself from a household name to household dominance. In this time period, he dropped If You're Reading This It's Too Late, What a Time to Be Alive (with Future), and Views (featuring his first peak position song with "One Dance"). Not to mention being featured on so many songs, that at one point he had 20 of them on the Billboard top 100 at the same time. Drake is played so much on the radio and at the clubs that at this point unless you live in the deep south it's impossible to throw a rock without hitting a Drake fan. The man has oversaturated the market.

    Rarely does a month go by without some major Drake news dropping. Just this week rumors of him dating none other than former star of the limelight, JLo. I'm not saying he planned the timing of this news to come during the brief calm period before his next album comes, but man, is that timing good for him. As a society, we have put value on constant updates from those we look up to, but this is going overboard. There's no escaping Drake. Rap has gotten so popular that even the beefs are now of interest to the mainstream, as Drake proved last summer with his short-lived feud with Meek Mill. A feud that he expertly defused, not only rebuffing claims of ghostwriting in a dominant fashion but as well as churning out a beloved single in "Back to Back" that crowds at his sold-out shows love to hear. Can you imagine not being a Drake fan and trying to listen to the radio? I'm willing to bet that the odds of not hearing a Drake song on any hip hop station over the course of an hour are astronomically low. Overplayed is a term for a reason, and Drake will be treading on that line if his presence is constant in 2017 as it has been in these last couple years.

    Drake has managed to produce a formula for making music that elicits the same process that Pringles or Coke makes you feel. You have a little and you want more. If you're going through some stuff or you just don't care you keep having more and more even though you know it's terrible for you and you're going to feel terrible the next day (or in a few hours if your stomach constitution is anything like mine). Drake has been shoving Pringles down our throat and we all eat it because it's easy and it's good. But how many times do we have to hear about how hard Drake's life was and how much more money he has than us? Songs about being confident and not giving a f*ck has always been Drake's best work, but Views was an ego-inflated mess that wasn't good for us. The singles released thus far from his next album More Life have been promising, but this is just another foothold in his airwave dominance. He's starting early next year, and even though Kanye warned us, we have a mixtape from the two also rumored to come out next year. Drake is going to drown us in Pringles and Coke.

    Hopefully, I'm wrong and Drake lays off the gas in 2017. Or maybe I'm wrong and the general public loves the constant news cycle that Aubrey and his team has created.

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