The 15 Best Baeble Moments of The Year
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Once again, the video production side of the Baeble Crew was busy shooting sessions, concerts, events, interviews, and snazzy docs this year. These were our favorite moments.

    CHVRCHES - Live at Central Park

    This one feels a little odd to include this was originally filmed in the Fall of '15. But we didn't release the full show until last winterso here it is. The gorgeous show was the band's tour kick off concert in Manhattan's most famous, green oasis, and we spared no expense to cover this one. As is the case for most of our outdoor productions, we were convinced things would be washed away by nasty weather circling the area all day. Thankfully, the only rain made the most magical appearance possible (basically, on cue!) during Clearest Blue, but don't just skip ahead. Hit play and experience the entirety of this 50 minute document of an unbelievably special moment with one of the world's most exciting young bands in Central Park NYC.

    Arkells - Live at Baeble's Bands + Brews - Brooklyn, NY

    The Arkells gave our first Bands + Brews Session of the summer a passionate, slightly unhinged, and completely lovable performance. Seriously, try not to fall in love with these rock and roll loving, Canadian boys...we dare you. The band was about to release a smashing new album, Morning Report, so no surprise, the band treated a very pro-Arkells crowd to a premiere of new tunes. They also zipped through a few classics from their 2014 outing, High Noon...including a heart-felt, Campfire version of the classic jam, "Leather Jacket". It's all too wonderful to take, really.

    Astronautalis - A Baeble NEXT Session

    Astronautalis (aka Charles Andrew Bothwell) is a Minneapolis based rapper known for his genre-bending production and freestyle performances. While on tour in support of his 5th studio album Cut The Body Loose, he stopped by Baeble to record an unique, unplugged session of sorts. He dialed the instrumentation down (he's known to front a full band), but he knocks the intensity to 11, slicing and dicing through three explosive cuts from his new album.

    Aurora - A Baeble Next Session

    I don't think we've ever met anyone like Aurora. During the session her curiosity was on overdrive. She wanted to touch the light-bulbs in our studio, pick the artists (who would be painting behind her in session) brains on their craft and inspiration, and spoke of how peculiar it is to have people listening to her music all around the globe. "It's almost like sharing your diary with people," she told us. "It is a very strange thought knowing that someone might be listening to one of my songs right now. And maybe that person is crying or running...maybe making some food? Dinner? Pancakes? Waffles? Sorry, I'm hungry...". That's the thing about music...people insert it into moments both big and small, and in a performance of three songs from her album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, you can see/hear why these songs fit so perfectly into peoples' lives.

    Bloc Party - Live at Empire Garage - Austin TX

    When we booked Bloc Party to play our SXSW Day Party in Austin this year, we never really felt like we had the band 100% locked down. SXSW is crazy like that. It's a hyper-competitive place for talent. Bands confirm and drop out or decide they don't want to make the trip in the weeks leading up to the festival, and you scramble to replace them. In 2015 we managed to book one band we were absolutely thrilled about and when we started sending details to them, their booker was totally confused. "We never confirmed them. They have another show." We also lost our headliner two weeks before the party. SXSW 2015 was a good time guys! So even though we had Bloc Party locked down weeks out, we held our breath through every correspondence with the band. We were sure it was too good to be true...that they would have to cancel on us. But, guess what? On March 18th, the band brought songs from their fifth studio album, Hymns, by our party, closing out our sweaty, day long fiesta in style (seriously...check out Kele's board shorts). Watching it all unfold from the side of the stage, it was finally real, and a few tears might have been shed.

    Caveman - Live at EAR Studios - Austin TX

    On their two previous efforts, Brooklyn-bred band Caveman have offered music that's something akin to sonic meditation. But on Otero War the band deliberately left the weird, dare-to-be-different world of indie rock and landed in more classic sounding territory. In doing so, high school mates Matthew Iwanusa, Jimmy "Cobra" Carbonetti, and co. may have found what Caveman was always supposed to sound like.

    CHVRCHES - Behind The Scenes at Central Park Summer Stage

    A companion piece to the full-length concert, we also spent our time in Central Park diving into the intimate relationship between the band and their fans, talking to Lauren, Iain, and Martin as well as a handful of excited concert goers who enthusiastically shared their stories about why CHVRCHES are their favorite band.

    Drowners - Live at Baeble's Bands + Brews - Brooklyn, NY

    Another performance sourced from our Bands + Brews Series at Industry City earlier this summer, this one also almost got washed away. Yep, rain right before show time. And yes, it cleared up just in time. The result of the rain was thick humid air, but we still had a beautiful sunset along with perfect temperatures. That, along with a new stage and a great turnout, made it one of the best shows yet.

    GE Smith's Floating Bridge - Featuring Chad Smith

    It's also weird that we're including this one in this year's roundup. We actually filmed it two years ago. But music licensing can be tricky, and after lots of hassling and several edits we were able to release this one-of-a-kind conversation and unique, classic-rock leaning jam session between legendary sideman G.E. Smith (SNL, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan) and the rambunctious, rhythmic force Chad Smith, drummer for none other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    A Bands + Brews Session With Kayla Briana - Brooklyn NY

    This one was a little outside of what we usually do, but you can't ignore just how much fun it is. With a pair of glamorous dancers and glitzy outfits made up of black leather and sparkles, Kayla Brianna hit the stage with effortlessly-good dance moves and oh-so-catchy-and-relatable singles like "Work For It" and "Honest." When we visited Brianna in the green room before the show, she proved to be one of the sweetest gals ever as we bonded over our favorite Snapchat filters (her favorite is the dog, a classic!). There was an entire paparazzi-like group of photographers taking photos of her and her girl crew, who were one fierce bunch.

    Kaleo - A Session at Atlantic Studios

    We were aware of the sweet, wintered melodies Icelandic outfit Kaleo were capable of when we first heard their breakthrough single, All The Pretty Girls. But when we caught up with the band in NYC earlier this year, we had no idea there would be so much voodoo lurking in their tunes. It was unexpected (and wonderful!) to say the lease.

    The Writer's Block, Featuring LOLO

    LOLO has a certain way about her when she performs. Not only is she a powerhouse vocalist who has a range without a single quiver, but she's also an impactful performer who acts out, or feels, every single word that pours out of her soul. When she stopped by Baeble HQ to perform her song, "Not Gonna Let You Walk Away," there's no doubt that she had already sung that song a million times before, yet it felt like she had just written and lived out the story right before arriving. Throughout all three songs (the other two being "The Courtyard" and "I Don't Wanna Have To Lie"), she cried tears of sadness and also laughed so hard, we may have caught a couple of snorts as well. You'd think someone with a voice like that would be a guarded, natural-born diva, but she was real and passionate and slightly crazy and loud and soft and...Well, she was a natural-born artist.

    Lucius - A Baeble NEXT Session

    Lucius rolled into Baeble HQ heavy for this, bringing amps, drums, electric guitars, and of course Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig's impressive, siren-like vocals with them. They also shared four inventive, stylish, and seriously savvy cuts from their new album, Good Grief. The results were something manic but oh so irresistible.

    SHAED - A Baeble NEXT Session

    This shimmering live performance from electro-pop trio, SHAED, is an absolute gift. The Washington DC-based group consists of twin producers Spencer and Max Ernst and vocalist Chelsea Lee who together, work to create what they call "colorful music." They played three songs during their NEXT Session, off of their newly-released debut EP Just Wanna See. Along with producing music, the twin brothers also list light design on their artistic resumes, and they proved it by bringing their very own light show to the studio.

    Tigertown - Live at Baeble's Bands + Brews - Brooklyn, NY

    Euphoric Australian electro-pop outfit Tigertown rolled into Brooklyn this past summer, fresh off a long flight from the West Coast. Still, you wouldn't know it from this performance. The band came dressed to the nines and ready to rock songs from their Lonely Cities EP, as well as their recently released Papernote EP. As the band jammed their way through songs like "Golden Sky", "Make It Real", "Bullet From The Gun", and "Lonely Cities", the water colored backdrop bloomed dramatically as the sun slowly dipped into the Jersey horizon, making for perfect ear and eye candy.

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