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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2006

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    Christmas was relaxing, but all good things must come to end. Here are two bands to check out while you’re getting back to your everyday routine and slowly detoxing from your egg nog overdose:

    the bird and the bee. Credit: the bird and the bee

    Sounds like: Suzanne Vega singing poppy, remixed versions of jazz standards.

    Album comes out: On January 23rd

    Background: The L.A.-based duo is comprised of Inara George, a former solo artist, and George Kurstin, a jazz-schooled musician who’s played with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and produced The Flaming Lips. George is the vocalist (the songbird, if you want to maintain the band’s metaphoric name), while Kurstin handles most of the instruments and studio work (one could call him a busy bee, we suppose).

    Why you should check them out: The group’s self-titled debut is perfect for the post-holiday season. Ballads like “I’m a Broken Heart” are chilly enough to freeze the liquid in your morning cup of coffee, and the happier songs (“Again and Again,” “La La La”) bode well for a warmer spring.

    The Colour. Credit:

    The Colour

    Sounds like: A classic rock revival for the 21st century.

    Album comes out: On February 27th

    Background: The Colour formed in 2002 and initially signed with Lizard King, the British label that helped transform The Killers into torch-bearers of the New Wave revival. The Colour split with Lizard King after a debut EP failed to generate any buzz, but the band reemerged in 2006 with a renewed ‘70s rock sound.

    Why you should check them out: The Colour’s debut full-length, Between Earth and Sky, promises to continue the return-to-rock movement currently championed by groups like Kings of Leon.

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