How To Introduce Your Friend To Your Favorite Band
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2016

    • Posted by: Alexander Spruch

    Introducing your friend to your favorite band can be a scary prospect. You like your friend a lot, but this is your favorite band. If they like them, that's great. You can spend nights just hanging out listening to them and maybe even go to a show together. But what if they don't like them? What if they hate them? It's possible that you might never look at your friend the same way again. But don't fret. Use the following steps curated by Baeble to introduce your favorite band to your friend to ensure the highest chance of them liking it:

    1. Consider what type of music your friend likes.

    This is helpful for two reasons. Let's say your favorite band is a talented genre-defining ensemble like the group Arcade Fire. Now let's say your friend Walter is a huge Marley-head, reggae is what Walter eats for breakfast AND dinner. For example, one of my favorite Arcade Fire songs is "Rebellion (Lies)" off their debut album Funeral and it encapsulates what I love about them the most. However, if I take into account Walter's love for reggae, I would be much better off showing him a song with some reggae undertones such as "Here Comes the Night Time" off their 2013 album Reflektor.

    The second reason is that at the end of the day you have to face the fact that some of your friends aren't going to like some of the things you like. For instance, if you have a friend who exclusively enjoys rap, specifically bangers, they will probably never like Arcade Fire. And that's okay.

    2. Pick the right time to introduce your favorite band.

    One time I put on Beach House (specifically the album Bloom) for my friend as he confessed something very depressing to me. Now whenever he hears Beach House, he thinks about that depressing moment in his life. My bad. Don't be like me and choose to play your favorite band when your friend is having a sad moment. Instead, choose a "high" moment, like after winning a match on your intramural volleyball team together. Doesn't that sound nice?

    3. Don't try to be cool, just play the singles.

    Singles are singles for a reason, they're easy to get into and they're catchy. Yeah, when introducing your friend to Radiohead, playing "Creep" is about the corniest thing you can do. Swallow your pride and just do it. Think of it as teaching them how to swim in the Radiohead pool. The shallow end is filled with "Creep" and "Karma Police", but once they get used to it you can show them the Kid A and "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" deep end. When they can swim on their own they'll appreciate you for easing them into it instead of using the outdated "sink or swim" methodology.

    4. If they seem into it, give them the music!

    Congratulations, your friend is bobbing their head along and has stated: "I like this." You have succeeded in what you have set out to do, your friend likes your favorite band. You didn't make a mistake making this band your favorite, because you have good taste. Before your friend says they have to go, get out the vinyl of the best record by your favorite band (You do have that, right? They are your favorite band after all...) and shove it into their hand. If you have any doubt your friend may have faster reflexes than you and dodge the record shove attempt, I recommend going to the gym and improving your dexterity until you are confident in your ability to shove a record into your friend's hand. Once you achieve this, shove them out the door and scream "Don't call me until you listen to the whole record at least two times!" as loud as you can.


    By now your friend has either confessed in liking your band either out of honesty or by their patience being systematically destroyed by your perseverance. For maximum efficiency, after you finish reading this guide go to your favorite band's website and check out their tour schedule. Buy those tickets now.

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