The Coming Invasion: 5 Bands Sure To Wash Up On Our Shores This Spring
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Okay, enough with tallying up the year that was. It was fun, it was nostalgic, it made us realize how very lucky we all were for all the musicians who helped shape the sound of 2012. But enough with the past! It's time we cast our eye into the uncertain future, make some sense out of some of the buzz crossing the oceans, and hedge a few bets on some of the new acts we think will be making a lot of noise in 2013.

    The 1975 - The UK

    We're rather eager for this young, Manchester outfit to finish work on their Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals) produced debut and get down to the business of conquering America. Sex has been on our mind ever since the band announced their arrival with their introductory EP back in November. With only four songs these stylish lads show some impressive range, seasoning the EP with soulful electro skirmishes and thrilling guitar anthems. The title track is our favorite appetizer though; a sky high single that won't be easy to avoid once the calendar flips to 2013. But after hearing it, why would you want to?

    BOY - Switzerland/Germany

    OK, we've heard maybe two songs from this Swiss-German duo, but we think a lotof people are going to fall for the music Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass will bring to America with the release of their debut, Mutual Friends. "Little Numbers" might be one of the most contagious fits of indie pop since Feist's "1234," already spreading like wildfire across the internet, approaching 7 million plays on YouTube. Um, yeah...this could be big. The band recently signed with Nettwerk and have plans to charm the chaps off of Austin at SXSW this Spring. Expect a US tour around the same time.

    Flume - Australia

    Flume might be the first musician we've ever heard of to find inspiration lurking inside a cereal box. Word has it the 20-year-old, Australian beatmaker got his start when a music production program wound up on the breakfast table seven years ago. That's one heck of a prize. Since then he's been honing his craft and spent 2012 getting around on the strength of "Sleepless," a song that's churned millions of YouTube hits and landed at the top of Australia's iTunes charts. This past November, Flume released his self-titled debut - a bright and vibrant collection of bass heavy compositions he'll be bringing to North America later this spring.

    Reptile Youth - Denmark

    We've known of this Danish duo for a little while now, but can honestly say we're becoming mighty big believers through prolonged exposure to their rapturous, post punk informed concoctions. Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and bassist Esben Valle will have you ready for the dance floor, harking back to the days when bands like The Rapture, Radio 4, and !!! owned New York. We've also been told of manic performances...something we've yet to experience ourselves, but are keeping our fingers crossed for the very near future.

    Savages - The UK

    Savages may have the most potential out of anyone on this list, if only for the fact that they already seem to have the US press on their side, thanks to a sensational run on the CMJ Music Marathon in New York this past October. Have a look at the video below and try and tell us there isn't something visceral, something cathartic, something so damn thrilling about the dark, forlorn and somewhat menacing music these four women from London are making together. So far, the band have a live EP and a double A side under their wings. Not a lot of output to date, but we're telling you...look out.

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