merry christmas!
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2009

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    Christmas! A time for giving and eating and drinking and maybe getting a little trinket for yourself (or more drinking). A time for remembering all the good stuff we have in our little towns and villages, or if you live in New York City, a time for remembering how much we all actually hate it (or love it) when we pretend to love it (or love to hate pretending to what?). Um, look, the tree at Rockefeller Center in the 1950s! Anyway, I just wanted to say a few Christmas things.

    Hm, doesn't feel like Christmas without a nice fire going. Lets click play and get that yule log burning!

    Great. Now I just wanted to say, I'm happy to have been here at Baeble for the past few months, and I hope you feel the same way (about me, or Baeble, or being here, or whatever). Christmas is a great time of year for reflection and love. Its also a great time of year to make fun of your family, argue, and hit on your second cousin (for creeps). Christmas has given us plenty of music to listen to, and lots of really great television and entertainment, like the James Bond marathon, or Christmas With The Kranks, The Santa Claus 2 The Santa Claus 3, Wild Hogs, etc. Man Tim Allen really ruined a few Christmases, huh?

    So buckle down, eat some ham, tell your cousin his girlfriend is hot very pretty, because Christmas. And celebrate in a traditional round of egg-nog, followed swiftly by egg-nogging Tim Allen's house for that time you got Wild Hogs on DVD. Yay God!*

    I'll leave you with my favorite Christmas song of all time. Merry Christmas everybody. No scrooging please. And to all a good night.-joe puglisi

    *Baeblemusic is an equal opportunity blog which celebrates all religions, as per the freedom of religion in our great country. "God," i.e. Jesus, Mr. Jesus, or the other guy, can also refer to angry Hebrew God, Muslim God (Allah), or one of the many other Gods worshipped in the US and sometimes played by the same actors; L. Ron Hubbard, Buddha, Dumbledore, The Beatles, Jack Bauer, and of course, Satan.

    God bless America.

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