The National Return To Bob's Burgers As Depressing Christmas Ornaments
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    The sad guys from Ohio, aka The National, have made an unlikely friend in Fox's hilarious and upbeat cartoon comedy Bob's Burgers. The National and Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving anthem has become an annual tradition since they put forth a sobering cover of Linda's jolly Thanksgiving song, "Kill The Turkey," in 2012, and followed it up in 2013 with an original tune, "Sailors In Your Mouth." This year they've reunited in the spirit of Christmas, which incase you haven't noticed is pretty elfin' tragic. Sure, watching Matt Berninger belt his baritone as a cartoon elf is hilarious, but the lyrics to "Christmas Magic" are anything but.

    Watch the video below, and feel appropriately terrible every time you laugh:

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