Single Serving Of Holiday Cheer: Kilo Kish '002: attempted holiday reading'
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    Kilo Kish is known for the layer of girlish femininity and character her voice lends to her gently tempered collage hip hop. In the spirit of holiday's Kish teamed with artist/producer Rrreymundo to deliver a sonically animated reading of classic, mostly holiday themed, works by Clement Clarke Moore, Langston Hughes, Brothers Grimm, and Hans Christian Anderson.

    The reading, while brilliant in it's delicately narrated execution, is wrought with unintentional missteps, and stutters. Kish decided to weave the trips into the piece, using the hiccups as unique punctuation. She explained her decision in an email to FADER, "one of my favorite themes to explore in art is capturing the missteps, and for that reason we decided to highlight the blunders." She takes the imperfect nature of process, and gives it citizenship in the piece. All in all the final product is a genuinely darling story time session with visits from Kish's cat, memory lapses, and an un-silenced cell.

    Kish re-teamed with frequent collaborators and supporters Odd Future to broadcast "002: attempted holiday reading" on their radio station on Dash Radio throughout the days leading up to Christmas, but you can stream the project below:

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