6 Bizarre Last-Minute Gift Ideas on Etsy
    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    If you're like me, you've long put off the grueling visit to the mall to do your Christmas shopping. If it wasn't for Wetzel's Pretzels, I'd never be caught dead in the place. Thankfully, these days we can shower our peers with holiday cheers at the click of a button; and to make it a little bit easier for my fellow procrastinators, I've collected a few last-minute, random, hand-made gift ideas from Etsy that will surely please the most difficult friend on Santa's list.

    Kanye West Tweet Magnets

    Thanks to this Etsy craftsman (or -woman), your BFF's fridge can be graced with the wisdom of the tabloids' favorite philosopher.

    Kanye West and Aziz Ansari Cats Watercolor

    Imagine these two kitty cat best buds scratching and pawing at a DJ Rumba!

    Beyonce's Soul in a Jar

    Whether it's bullshit or not, 13 bucks ain't a bad risk to take when it comes to Bey's soul.

    Justin Bieber/Anne Frank Undies

    Kids these days! Am I right?!

    Lady Gaga Hat for Dogs and Cats

    Not many "people" friends on your Christmas list? Well, you can easily piss off your cat and/or dog with one of these dumb hats! Animals just don't understand the meaning of pop.

    Miley Cryus Wrecking Ball Decal

    For your one friend who claims to like Miley's Bangerz, but it's totally to be ironic even though they adamantly defend their sincerity. It's total bullshit and we all know it.

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