happy hollows play with samsung phones on real tv!
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2009

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    Guys, we are only human. Sometimes we make mistakes, like humans, or robots programed to act like humans. But we did not make any mistakes when we included The Happy Hollows in our top 20 songs of the year, or when we totally gave them the Baeble bump, or when we brought them into the Guest Apartment, or you get it. Why? Because duh, they are great! And now we have solid, concrete proof: commercials on National television. Take that, haters!

    Check out the spot, which our production manager spotted last night while presumably watching reruns of Monk hockey (he corrected my earlier guess):

    Bonus round: that is actually lead singer Sarah doing the voiceover, which adds a nice "good for real musicians" angle absent from other campaigns that just use the songs for the sake of background noise. The song is "High Wire" for those of you who'd like to purchase it. I wonder if they got free tic-tac-text phones for this (official title of this new Samsung text-nology, probably).

    National exposure is perfect for the Hollows, who have had a promising year of making music. This is really cool. Congrats, HH, you deserve it. -joe puglisi

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