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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2008

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    ...a crazy drummer drumming (plus, everyone else in HEALTH going ape)

    So this is it...the end of the line. We've spent the last two and a half weeks recapping some of our favorite concert moments from '08. Our Twelve Days of Christmas Countdown has been has been a fun little trip back in time through a fun, anything but little, kind of year. Wrapping our countdown up, we take you back to a brouhaha on the first day of summer.

    When most bands look to their instruments, they do so with certain sonic expectations. "This is a guitar, you strum chords in a highly organized way, and suddenly a song is born". They are the absolute masters of their craft, skillfully guiding their instruments to the places they need to go. HEALTH - LA's current kings of noise - on the other hand, seem the type of combustible crew more prone to letting their instruments guide them wherever they decide. Sure, the band can fine tune the tone and timbre, but in the end, they are slave to the glorious noise they've built their steady reputation on. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: HEALTH:: Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

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