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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2008

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    Though it took an encouraging nudge from dashing, gal pal Jenny Lewis to get started, expect the bright, bold, and beautiful sounds of The Whispertown 2000 to be a mighty hot topic in the coming New Year. The charming, country kick these handsome LA creatures spike their tunes with is as alluring as the star crossed city they hail from. Just ask Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. They snagged up Whispertown to be the first project for their recently launched Acony recording label, releasing the band's debut Swim this past October. Lucky for you, me, Gillian, David, and the band, that album - blooming from a folksy haze of rustic and ram shackling fare that's cool, casual, and so very SoCal - is as promising a start for any young band this year. Plus, we'd go so far as to suggest leading lady Morgan Nagler just might find herself encroaching on the status of indie rock "it" girl in the not so distant future. When delightfully tipsy drawls like "Tell everyone I'm done with love" ("Done With Love") slip from her lips, it's like the worst kind of threat. If she can't hack it, what chance do the rest of us have?

    Swim is out now on Acony Records. Sadly, the band has one lonely date scheduled at Porter's Pub in La Jolla CA on January 2nd. We hope there are more soon. - David Pitz

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