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    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2010

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    After a few lighter projects, notably with his Mystic Valley Band and Monsters of Folk, Conor Oberst is returning to his most infamous, warbly moniker Bright Eyes for another album of infectiously mushy love/hate songs (that's the cover up top). For a sneak peak of Oberst's new sound, check out a free MP3 below entitled "Shell Games".

    The track definitely brings the infamous uncertain timbre of Oberst's Bright Eyes voice to the table, but adds a bit of production value/synth to the usually twangy/raw mix. If you like what you hear, preorder the album with a variety of packagaes/bonus track combinations over the Saddle Creek store.

    The People's Key is out 2/25 on Saddle Creek. -joe puglisi

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