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    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2009

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    Sherwood, aside from apparently being the name of some enchanted video game forest (many confused Google image searches later), is a band that has a beef with technology. Taking a leaf out of the SNL Digital short book, the indie popsters decided that a 21st Century social taboo needed to be explored in a pseudo R&B fashion (natch). Thus we have "Birthday Text," a question posed by the band regarding the validity of a girl texting in lieu of calling on one's Birthday. That's messed up?

    But really, in today's age, should one text on a birthday? I mean, for an acquaintance maybe, but definitely not for a good friend, and a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario seems a little much, nay? WE NEED ANN LANDERS! Text etiquette is a tough subject. Like lets say you want your mom to stop calling you, and you don't want to call her to say it (irony), and she thinks a computer is a TV with mind control called Facecrook, and doesn't know how to text back (not a true story at all). Well, then can you text a "Happy Birthday?" What if it isn't her birthday? I don't even know anymore.

    Anyway, "Birthday Text":

    Sherwood has a new album out, QU, which dropped in October, and its pretty good, you guys! Go pick it up at the store and forget this ever happened. Meet me at Best Buy. I'll text you when I'm there. -joe puglisi

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