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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2008

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    ...shearwater a-rook-ing

    Hard to believe we're but a few days from Christmas...harder still to imagine '08 coming to an end. In an appreciative look back, we're honoring the best concerts of the year with Baeble's 12 Days of Christmas Countdown. Today, we're celebrating a special evening last May, when Shearwater unveiled their stellar album Rook with an incredible track by track performance.

    From the moment he leans into the microphone, Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg has got his audience captivated. A siren, a gale force wind, and absolute force of falsetto not to be expected from his modest frame; Meiburg pulls his voice from the furthest possible places, expelling it with so much potency, all those fortunate to hear it are left utterly leveled. Paired with the brooding, dramatic compositions he and the rest of the band so elegantly create, such talent is fantastic on record. In person, however, its astonishing. Gathering for a truly unique engagement at NYC's Florence Gould Auditorium, this inspiring show is a track by track premier of Shearwater's latest Matador release Rook. - david pitz

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    VIDEO: Shearwater:: Live at the Florence Gould Auditorium - New York, NY

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