WTF WEDNESDAY: Fifth Harmony Break Up, Drake and J Lo are Dating, Bieber Needs New Stylist
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Hey y'all, and welcome back to this week's #WTFWednesday, where we serve nothing but the juiciest gossip to you, our juicy gossip drinkers! Would you like some ice with that?

    A lot of drama took place this week, so we're in for a good one. Here are the hottest stories.


    And the way it happened was so shady. #WTF #WTF #WTF.

    So first, Fifth Harmony posted this note on Instagram. To sum it up, they basically said they just got the news that Camila Cabello was leaving the band, which they heard from one of her representatives, and that they'd continue on as a four-piece:

    Then, Camila responded via her Instagram, saying that the group saying she left unexpectedly via a rep hurt her feelings, and that yes, she will be going solo:

    But wait, it doesn't end there. THEN, Fifth Harmony comes back AGAIN via Insta with this, essentially saying that they've been trying to get Camila to cooperate for a while now:

    Ladies, let Camila do her thing. She might be the Beyonce to your Destiny's Child if you know what I'm saying. Well, that actually would only be beneficial for her, not you...Either way, I think you need to put down the Instagram fingers and talk this one over with each other in private.

    2. Are Drake and J. Lo dating?

    ?? <-------- Lotta those

    A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

    Drake and J. Lo have been reportedly working together a lot lately... Secret reps are saying that they're currently in that cute-but-confusing stage where they're def not friends, but they're def not full-fledged exclusive. Drake is 30-years-old while J. Lo is 47, but in Lo's defense, she looks probably younger than Drake. #WTF

    3. Justin Bieber needs a new stylist ASAP

    Just f*cking look at this. That's right. Take it in:

    justin bieber

    Those cowboy boots... those open, paint-splashed jeans... those glasses... and that enormous, hooded fur coat. Are his stylists just sitting around getting super drunk and high, jokingly wandering around his closet putting this together, thinking this is a good idea? He looks like a perverted Terry Richardson dream.

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