The 7 Best Beards We Saw on Baeble This Year
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We've had some pretty incredible artists come in for sessions this year at Baeble - artists of all different shapes and sizes. However we noticed something that a few of them had in common: several men had beards - seven to be exact - just in the last year. After having this realization, we've decided that we just had to bring them into the spotlight to talk about their beards specifically. From the stroke-able, dark black beard of Ron Pope to the less intense but equally as amazing beard of Rooney's Robert Schwartzman, there are many beards to be had. And we love them all equally, as if they are our own children. Did I just compare these guys' beards to children? Once you see it, you'll get it. Let's dive in.

    1. Knox Hamilton

    This may sound a little crazy, but the singer of Knox Hamilton is essentially Leonardo DiCaprio, if Leonardo DiCaprio had a beard. Think about it...

    2. Bear's Den

    Not 1, but 2.5 beards! Bear's Den wins for most beards. Also, if you switch around some of the letters in their band name, it spells "beards." Woah.

    3. Rooney

    Robert Schwartzman of LA-based band Rooney wins for shortest beard. It's a little modest, but it's still undoubtedly a beard and deserves to be on this list. We love beards! All shapes and sizes! No beard shaming, please!

    4. HONNE

    Okay, so HONNE makes the most sensual music ever. Every single track on their debut album, Warm On A Cold Night, was a love song. The last thing we were ever expecting to see when they came in for a session was a beard! Or maybe that's EXACTLY what we were expecting... The world may never know.

    5. Ron Pope

    We think Ron Pope wins for darkest beard of the year. No doubt about it. And he had the long hair to match.

    6. The Strumbellas

    Man oh man, having a beard is great, but you know what makes it even more great? A straw hat. Singer/guitarist Simon Ward's beard/hat combo is delivering nothing but incredible vibes.

    7. Caveman

    You wouldn't think Caveman singer Matthew Iwanusa would have such a nice, thick beard just from listening to "Never Going Back" because his voice is so silky smooth... but lo and behold - he does! He's got a big beard! And we love it.

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