Now Playing: Against The Current's Emotional, Acoustic Session
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Against The Current are an emotional and melodic, electro-punk outfit from Poughkeepsie New York. Swinging through NYC for a slew of press responsibilities, we recently caught up with Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow, and Will Ferri at Atlantic Recording Studio to get the scoop on their newest album, In Our Bones, as well as hear a few unique interpretations from the record. In Our Bones is a fairly big and anthemic affair, thriving on house rattling beats, beautiful synth work, and scores of other unique, production touches. For their session with Baeble, the band stripped things back in ways they had previously never attempted. Drummer Will Ferri had never really played the keys big deal. While such a dramatic approach might have intimated less adventurous artists, Against The Current enjoyed it. "We're creative people," Costanza explained. "In the space between albums you have to find other ways to keep releasing creative energy into the same songs".

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