GEAR TALK TUESDAY: The Best Gear To Give (Or Get) This Christmas
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Christmas is great - especially for music makers. Want to know why? Because that means one thing: new gear! If you have a friend who's really into music production, here are some gift ideas. Or, if you're the friend who's into music production, use this as a wish list to hand to your friends and family. These are all statement pieces that are not too expensive and will be super fun to play with on Christmas day (and after that, of course). You're about to have the best Christmas ever!

    1. Taylor GS Mini
    Price: $499.00

    taylor gs mini gear talk tuesday

    Okay, so this isn't exactly "cheap," but it's a fantastic price for a Taylor guitar, and completely worth it. The GS Mini is a smaller size than an average Taylor, but I could argue that it actually sounds bigger and better than your average Taylor. Whether you're a beginner who's looking to learn or an expert who's just looking for a new instrument, this is a perfect choice that's super portable and will last you for life.

    2. JBL LSR305 5" Powered Studio Monitor
    Price: $149.00

    jbl studio monitor gear talk tuesday

    You'll need to buy two, so it's really $300, but that's still a great price for such quality monitors. I've got these bad boys and they deliver a crystal clear, true sound. If the person you're buying for is starting to get serious about producing, it might be a good idea to invest in these.

    3. Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
    Price: $79.99

    sony headphones

    Full-fledged monitors aren't in your budget, but you still really want your friend to stop using those shitty Apple headphones that come with their phone? Try these awesome over ear headphones that are a significantly cheaper price!

    4. Playful guitar picks
    Price: $5.00-10.00

    hula girl guitar picks

    Not too close with someone but still want to get them something fun and music-related? Why not guitar picks! You can get really cute, colorful ones with hula girls or the Jack Daniels logo on them. It'll say, "Hey, I know you love to play guitar and I also know you love Hawaii or alcohol!" There's a pick for every person.

    5. M-Audio Keystation 88 MKII
    Price: $149.99

    m-audio midi

    This USB midi is perfect for beginners looking to start recording. It plugs right into your computer so you can start sequencing and playing with sounds. And it's light and portable. Yay!

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