Single Serving: Perennial Reel's 'Mother Teresa'
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Every neighborhood has one: a basement or garage that leaks out young, creative noises on a daily basis at the absolute worst times of day and night. Shortly after moving from Downtown Jersey City to its quieter Heights neighborhood earlier this year, my girlfriend/roommate and I were made well aware that we had signed a lease to live right above a group of local kids who had one of those clamorous habits. Throughout the past handful of months, my contempt for the loud kids across the alley evolved into an interest as I grew to know the three guys who call themselves Perennial Reel.

    Upon further research I discovered that this trio—consisting of Timothy Erbach, Rory Bauers, and Evan Dibbs—was a local staple. Although having no member over the legal drinking age, Perennial Reel quickly graduated from Heights parties to New Brunswick basement shows, and eventually found themselves selling out two performances at the historic Hoboken venue Maxwell's (RIP).

    After recently self-releasing their record Silver Plane Crucifix, the boys rang my doorbell and dropped off a copy. Finally spinning the mastered copy, I couldn't help but admire Erbach's calming Jonathan Richman-esque vocal tone through which his incredibly visual lyrics escape. Give it your own spin, and listen to "Mother Teresa" below.

    Get your copy of Silver Plane Crucifix here.

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