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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2010

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    Ramping up for the Christmas season (read: nothing is happening!) means we're light on fun things to share. However, a few great moments on SNL deserve embedding! Check out some highlights of Lil Wayne, Eminem, a funny new digital short with Akon, and more!

    First off, the Juggalo parody returned with a holiday special, and it continues the time-tested tradition of laffs with the Under-Underground Records Crunkmas party. WHERE IS MY INVITE?

    RIP A*s-Dan.

    Lil Wayne and Eminem did their Recovery song, and then each got to do one solo. Wayne did his new single from Tha Carter IV. Is it just me or does he sound better now that he is court mandated to be sober?

    "No Love":

    "Won't Back Down":

    "Six Foot Seven Foot":

    And finally, The Lonely Island showed up to play with a Digital Short that actually contained some laughs! Featuring Akon, because perfect. It's called "I Had Sex" sNSFW, penis jokes:

    We'll be light on the blogs this week, but we've got a big new video coming... stay tuned! -joe puglisi

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