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    • MONDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Christmas is the season for giving, although not everyone is a regular Santa when it comes to knowing exactly what to leave under the tree (or in the stockings). If you're drawing a pretty big blank this late in the game, fear not: Baeble is here to help you brainstorm some gift ideas that are guarented to put a smile on those Christmas morning faces. So grab a glass of peppermint Schnapps and meet us after the jump, 'cause we're going shopping. It's the 2010 Baeble Holiday Gift Guide.


    Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact...especially when they're hiding amongst a dozen other colorful odds and ends inside a Christmas stocking. If you grew up in a home like mine, tearing through those little cornucopias of holiday joy always marked the official start of the big day. Sure, the stocking stuffers were rarely the main attraction. But have you ever noticed just how often the starters are more appetizing/rewarding/fulfilling the main entrée? At the very least, our list of cool and crafty knick knacks will whet any music lover's appetite, not to mention making the room jollier than Kris Kringle the morning of the big day.

    Djay For iPad

    The life of the modern DJ is getting easier and easier as time ticks on. Where once there was the need to lug decks, mixers, and cumbersome vinyl cases from gig to gig, the techno boom has downsized the necessities, reducing the gearbox to a couple of iPods and a cross fader. Cool...if you don't mind sacrificing the art of the gig. If you do, Algoriddim's contribution to the app pool feels like a move to recapture some of what was lost. Two 'decks', complete with wave form overviews, a cross fader, individual channel mixers, volume controls, and pitch blend sliders turn iPad's 9.7 inch screen into a gorgeous virtual DJ rig that's fun for virtuosos and amateurs alike.

    Vers Audio Shellcase For iPhone

    It's a rough and tumble world out there, so protect your iPhone with a case made from the most basic, yet most beautiful of protective materials. Vers Audio puts solid wood in defense of your interface, hand-crafted with the added bonus of no two cases being quite the same. They're also currently 50% off at the Vers Audio website, adding some of that Christmas cheer right back into your wallet.

    Jonsi Go Live DVD/CD

    Sigur Ros' Jonsi embarked on a rather ambitious tour in support of Go (his debut solo album, one of the year's best). It's an over the top experience, complete with gaudy costumes, impressive staging, and a loose story line that puts Jonsi and his band at the center of some serious rock and roll (err...sort of) theatrics. Now he's released a take-home version of the show. It's a film that captures an early production in front of a small audience, whose only price of admission was that they dress like animals. The DVD also comes with a CD, and no you do not have to dress like an animal to buy it but you can if you want to.

    iPod Nano Watch Strap w/ Bottle Opener

    Perhaps you've seen your share of iPod Nano watch straps. Perhaps you haven't. There are a lot of different variations, but the Richard Tracy line really caught our eye (and our livers). Their integration with the Nano is seamless, and their construction rivals other luxury wrist watches, complete with custom made leather bands. Now what if I told you they'll also open a beer for you? Contribute to their kickstarter campaign and give the timely gift of a watch, a beer opener, and a convenient spot to store a few songs.

    - david pitz


    Stockings are great, but everyone knows the real gold-pile is underneath the fir. There is a reason that tree is decorated with lights and tinsel, it's supposed to draw the eyes right down to the foil-wrapped goodness beneath. The biggest and best gifts belong beneath the branches. 'Tis the season for credit card debt, so empty thy purse into a few larger, more awesomer items.

    Roku Box

    The lines are officially beginning to blur between old and new media. Meet the smudge tool: Roku, the tiny box that can stream Internet video to your TV, with a variety of channels and offerings, including Netflix, Hulu, a fresh selection of Baeble Concerts and Guest Apartments, and much much more.

    Old Navy Techno Hoodies

    Never again will the old world conundrum of staying warm or locating headphones inside pockets be a problem. Introducing the Old Navy Techno Hoodie, a headphone case that doubles as a person case. The hoodie is jersey fleece and features drawstrings that encapsulate two HB3 earbuds, with a headphone jack in the right pocket, perfect for milling about the house inconspicuously listening to Justin Bieber.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab

    For the free spirit who longs for freedom and Flash capable devices. The Galaxy tab is the first tablet to run Android, giving its OS unlimited potential for open-source growth, not to mention one big up on the competition. Watch pretty much any video seamlessly across the web, whether or not there is an app for that", and then do everything else the iPad does except inspiring contempt while using it at Starbucks.

    TDK Boombox

    Time to put those punks and their Lil Jon ringtones to shame. The TDK Boombox aims to bring back the long-lost art of bumping down the street with more than just some dirt on your shoulder. The box comes in both two and three speaker models, and includes a distinctly analog feel in design and function, despite being totally digital on the inside. Don't forget the USB, 3.5mm and RCA auxiliary ports, allowing you to connect to just about any audio device you could possibly own, unless you are rocking something Kryptonian.

    -joe puglisi

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