THAT'S A WRAP: Bands + Brews with Marian Hill and Hannah Gill and the Hours
    • FRIDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    There are bags under my eyes and a slight ringing in my ears... and that's how I know that I successfully had a great night.

    Last night, Baeble's final (and sold out) Bands + Brews of 2016 took place right here in our very own office in Brooklyn. Because it was our last of the year, we wanted to do something special, so we invited our friends and family along with a small amount of fans and enjoyed the show together in a charmingly intimate setting. Being surrounded by our friends in the different type of atmosphere did nothing but warm our hearts - which was pretty perfect as we kicked off the first day of December.


    Blue Point Brewing Company was kind enough to provide us with the refreshing brews while the soulful and sensual Marian Hill and jazzy powerhouse Hannah Gill and the Hours provided the tunes. Hannah Gill started off the night strong with her song "Austin." Backed by an upright bass, keys, trumpet, and acoustic guitar, Gill and her band delivered jazzy tunes and even dove into a straight up jazz song from one of their side projects mid-set. Gill's voice gave the entire room chills. As she continued to belt and hit every note perfectly with a gorgeous vibrato, we could feel that the entire room was on the same page: this woman was a straight up singing machine. Another awesome element that came with the intimate setting was the artists' ability to connect more with the audience. Both performers used this as an opportunity to talk about their music and really open up. Gill talked to us about the struggles of starting out as an artist in New York and trying to pay rent. She also talked to us about experiencing sudden bursts of confidence and taking that and turning it into something creative and powerful.


    Marian Hill was on next, and their music really got the vibe in the room going. Carefully arranged vocal chops, minimalistic beats by producer Jeremy Lloyd, and sensual vocals from singer Samantha Gongol made for a downright dirty (in a good way) performance. About every other song, they'd have a saxophone player chime in, who whaled on his instrument, once again giving us chills. Gongol's voice control was impressive as she scaled up and down hitting every note and often flying up into an effortless falsetto. She danced around and connected with the members and oh yeah, she connected with the audience, too. It felt like she made eye contact with every single person in the crowd, and everyone later agreed that they felt like Gongol was flirting with them - simply with her eye contact and voice. After they explained to us that they've been friends since middle school it all made sense, because their chemistry and experience was undeniable. Marian Hill cast a spell over the room and their performance combined with Gill's is a show we will simply never forget.

    If you weren't able to make it, fear not! You know we caught the whole night on camera, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the near future. You can also check out more photos from the night HERE and HERE.


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