Skrillex Drops Video for GTA Remix
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    So Grant Singer is renowned for his music video credits: The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky, Ariel Pink. And now, Skrillex. WARNING: If you are a fan of Singer and/or Skrillex, you might be upset after this review.

    The video looks great, and it'd be hard to try to deny Skrillex the credibility he has single-handedly earned for himself in the electronic music scene. If every EDM song sounded like "Slats Slats Slats," we'd probably cover the genre more often. But here's our problem: every "dubstep" video we've ever seen looks exactly like this one. Exactly like it! At some point somebody has to say "Alright, we get that when the bass 'drops' you can move and freeze camera angles so it looks displaced and matches the 'wub-wub's' saturating the song." Given, Singer has a true eye for dancing talent, but really? Weird, faceless, tribal Tuscan Raider dancer-things? It's like Indiana Jones meets Clash Of The Titans chasing around a girl wearing a Bjork-inspired costume with demon eyes that tries to come off as surprising. Typical. Here's a challenge: make a video for a dubstep song WITHOUT some weird gothic shit involving a fight scene or explosion at the drop. How about a dubstep track to a football game, or something? A dubstep music video to a chick roller-skating...Mind blown.

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