Robyn Gets Gonzo In Latest Video
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Some days, we think to ourselves, "Why isn't Robyn the biggest pop star on the planet? Did you hear Body Talk? That record is incredible and she's been killing it for twenty years now." And then there are days like today where we think, "Oh, yeah. That's it." Roby and La Bagatelle just dropped a music video for their track, "Love Is Free" feat. Maluca, and the track itself is dope. No doubt about it; Robyn can still make you shake your a** like nobody else. But, also, it's a reminder that Robyn feels free to get as weird as she wants and commercial expectations are literally the last thing on her mind. Check out the absolutely gonzo video below.

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