5 Rihanna Dos And Don'ts
    • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    Rihanna's coming out with a new album. On The Tonight Show Adele said she was super stoked for it, I'm stoked for it; we're all freaking stoked for it. Rihanna is the badass pop-stud of our generation. From "Pon De Replay" to the chorus "Bitch better have my money..." Rihanna has grown up, made her way into our hearts, and turned us on. We put together a listicle of the top five do's and don'ts of/for Rihanna.

    DO: Write a song called "Rude Boy"

    It's just dripping with innuendos and paired with a fluorescent video vivid with retro colors and 80s pezzaz. Plus, there's that cool scene in the video where Ri Ri has this Keith Haring-like outfit and background thing going on. Truly a masterpiece. Not to mention it obliterated the charts.

    DON'T: Try to "Punk"" Rihanna

    As Ashton calls her, "The Bahama Mama" was just trying to help fellow artists with their struggle. They don't call her "Bad Girl Ri Ri" for nothing; mistake her kindness for weakness (or stealing, in this case) and you will get an extra helping of that Island-girl sass. Besides, come on, we know Ri loves the kids.

    DO: Get a traditional Tebori tattoo.

    Tebori is typical in Japanese and Polynesian styles of tattooing. No tattoo guns; there aren't nine tiny needles going so fast that you don't realize it's puncturing your skin more times than you can imagine in the blink of an eye. Tebori is basically like a tattoo chisel. It emulates a tattoo gun, but instead, the artist will hammer a needle with ink into your skin. Ouch. I have tattoos all over my arms, and in some real painful spots and still I assert: Ouch. Bad Gal Ri Ri has this on her hand. Her freaking hand. A super sensitive spot. Credit to her for that. In tattoo culture, it's been said "You gotta earn your ink." Tebori on her hand? No questions asked. Kudos Ri Ri, kudos.

    DO: Collaborate with Puma

    The "Rihanna X Puma Creepers" are fresh as heck. It's basically the old school Puma Suede but with "creeper"-like soles, for women. There's a bunch of colorways available. And I mean, if it's anything Ri Ri, then we just gotta have it. New record, new shoes? Sounds like a set-up for an all new Ri Ri that will be simply stunning.

    rihanna puma creepers

    DON'T: Lastly, don't not buy her new record, Anti.

    We kinda figured you would, but in case you had any doubts, that's certainly a don't on Ri Ri's list. She previewed the song "American Oxygen," which arguably resembles a bit from Kanye's My Secret Dark Twisted Fantasy in the sense that it's powerful, tribal, and sounds refreshingly new. Her voice is tonic and promising. She hasn't lost her edge...as if that was even possible.

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