Ten Awesome Holiday Gifts For Music Lovers
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Each year, it gets harder and harder to find that perfect gift to fill your favorite music lovers stocking. Well, to make it just a little bit easier for you this holiday season, weve found the top ten best gifts you should go buy now to see that special smile spread across the recipient's face.

    1. Art Vinyl Play and Display Frames - Display your favorite vinyl anywhere, anytime. The easy load and lock system millwork with pretty much any size vinyl.

    2. Beats By Dre Headphones - There's so many headphone choices on the market, but really, you can't really beat the awesome sound and feel of these.

    3. Personalized Favorite Soundwaves Print - Really no words for how cool this is. Music turned into printed art to hang on your wall. Perfection.

    4. Crosley X UO Cruiser Briefcase Portable Vinyl Record Player - Not as easy to carry around like an iPod, but can be a super cool addition to your home or impromptu party!

    5. Spotify Membership - We all hate those Spotify ads right?! Save your loved one from those insufferable jingles and give them the gift of ad-free streaming music.

    6. Concert tickets - What better way to kick off 2015 than adding something fun and exciting to the calendar?

    7. Vintage band t-shirt - These can get pricey, but if you're smart and know how to use ebay, you can find some super sweet deals before every other Santa snatches them up!

    8. Personalized Mix Tape Doormat - Get toes tapping with this fun and functional mix tape doormat!

    9. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses - There's too many awesome things to say about these musical scale wine glasses...mainly that you're mixing music, wine and good company all at once from the comfort of home.

    10. Vinyle Collection Puzzle - Get drunk with the help of musical scale wine glasses, then give your hand at putting together this music themed puzzle by a roaring fire.

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