Out And About: Living Colour At Irving Plaza
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2014

    • Posted by: Mark Brown

    They're still a band? That's the number one comment I heard when I mentioned I was going to see Living Colour. The answer is YES!! The New York born group, vocalist Corey Glover, guitar master Vernon Reid, insane drummer Will Calhoun, and legendary bassist Doug Wimbish performed at NYCs Irving Plaza last Friday night and YES Living Colour is still a band and will be releasing a much anticipated new album, titled Shade sometime early in 2015. In the meantime, they are out on the road playing a string of their new material as well the hits.

    As they hit stage last Friday in what Vernon Reid called, The real black Friday," Living Color was on fire. Their opening number, Funny Vibe got the commotion going and it was one hit after another for the entire evening. This Living Colour isnt your late '80s early '90s Living Colour. Your'e not going to see Corey in a wetsuit dancing around and singing like he just stepped on a nail and is pissed off. His hair is much shorter now, as is Vernon Reids (rocking in a tie and vest), who in my opinion sported some of the best dreds I have ever seen. Nope, the hair style are left to Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun. They are much older now as Corey commented on Friday night, I am getting too old for this shit. taken with a grain of believability. They play harder, tighter and better then I have ever seen. In the typical cliche world they still got it.

    They launched a couple of new songs that will be on the new album - what looks to be like the new single Who Shot Ya will grab some attention when it's released. It was the hits though that had the audience going, "Ignorance is Bliss," "Type," and "Pride" were on the set list, but things really got going when "Open Letter to Landlord" began. It was started off very slow and melodically, with Corey saying, "I think it's gonna be one of them evenings. where he transitioned into a slightly acapella introduction and into a mini sermon about shutting down the bridges (in reference to the recent Ferguson protests), and then BOOM Will Calhoun slams the drums, Vernon kicks into gear and it was on!!

    "Landlord" was followed by several others like "Crosstown Traffic" and "Love Rears It's Ugly Head" a few solos by Doug and Will, and then you guessed it, their number one hit..."Cult of Personality." It was an evening that was not to be missed and it was great to see a band like Living Colour still have relevance even if had been a while.

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