Grimes Drops Demo Version Of 'Go' Ft Blood Diamonds
    • TUESDAY, DECEMBER 02, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    A single solitary confession, embedded in an interview given by Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff is the only proof of Grimes for Grimes studio time we've seen in 2014. Her single solitary contribution to 2014s speakers is the high octane house-pop track "Go," originally produced for, and then rejected by, Rihanna.

    The song first surfaced when Grimes performed "Go" during her Gov Ball set in June, before releasing it as her own and dropping a highly acidic black light trip of a video.

    Today Grimes posted an early demo, featuring collaborators Blood Diamonds, on her Tumblr. She admits it isn't much different from the final cut, but "it's a bit more crowded."

    Listen to the demo, and read her full Tumblr comment below:

    "haha james just sent me this weird demo of go, considering the wackiness of the breakdown i assume this is the orig demo cuz we were extremely caffeinated that day

    in any case i dunno if its particularly different from the 'final version but i'm always interested in hearing demo versions of things so i figured yall mite b. i think we mighta mixed a bit of the soul out of it in retrospect, i appreciate the absurdity of mikes 2nd drop, the thicker snares in the intro etc. its a bit more crowded

    also these are demo vocals for songwriting purposes only and they suck a lot so don't mind them.

    ** also have no idea how this leaked but it doesnt seem to hurt anything that it exists"

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